Groom wedding fashion: Is blue the new black?

When it comes to suits for the groom what colour springs to mind? A classic black combo or a calmer grey ensemble? What if we told you blue is gracing the scene, and perhaps even dominating it? 

But this isn’t a sky blue or a pastel, it’s a dark, masculine midnight or navy shade that wouldn’t look out of place on a red carpet and it’s gathering momentum as people start to shun the norm when planning their wedding day. 

Weddings are no longer the stuffy, traditional church ceremony and village hall combos they used to be. People are going all out with fish and chip vans, bouncy castles and definitely throwing out the sugared almonds in preference to favours like these

Blue for a groom’s suit is unusual enough to be remembered but not so out there that it doesn’t look smart. Pairing a blue suit with a crisp white shirt, a matching tie or bow tie and tan brogues makes for a fashionable ensemble that should get heads turning. 

You can either make it all about the groom, with no other members of the wedding party wearing blue, or bring the colour in to tie everything together. Many weddings feature navy and gold as a colour scheme, perfect for winter ‘I dos’ and airy open venues. Blue and gold have a certain regality about them, that makes them perfect complementary colours for a wedding and can be used in everything from the invitations to the table placements on top of the clothing colour choices. 

Blue has gained popularity since 2014, with Ryan Gosling regularly donning the colour in tuxedo form at events and women everywhere swooned and instantly suggested that their hubby to be wear something similar. Of course, you might not be Gosling, but it is a colour that looks good on everyone which probably helps boost its popularity. 

Blue vintage suits are also enjoying a spot in the limelight as couples planning weddings try to be a little savvier with their money on top of creating an unusual event and on top of scouring jewelers for vintage engagement rings they are also rummaging through ‘high end’ charity shops, searching for pieces that wouldn’t look out of place on the high street today.

When it comes to boutonnieres on a blue suit, there are no limits when it comes to colour choices. From the increasingly popular succulent flowers to a more traditional carnation, everything goes with a blue suit, helping confirm its status as the ‘new black’. 

Forget any negative connotations with the colour blue. It can be bright, bold and perfect for your wedding day. 

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