For the Grooms…how to keep your cool at your destination wedding.

Although most of you may not want to admit it, once you’ve chosen to have your wedding abroad I guarantee one of the first things you think about will be what to wear.

It may sound perfect to get married under the beautiful Tuscan sun or by the beautiful sunshine reflecting off the lake, but standing in the midday heat waiting for your bride, who lets face it will be late, could get rather uncomfortable. But don’t worry there are ways around it.

1. Don’t wear a three piece suit.

Okay so you want to be traditional, you can get this look wearing a suit, but ditch the waistcoat, its added layers you don’t need! You can still keep a formal feel without the layers, black tie is the epitome of chic and formal but the look can be achieved with the finest of lightweight wool. An uber chic wedding in Tuscany this July decided on a black tie dress code, but the groom and his team of best man, grooms man etc wore white bow tie rather than black and the shirts had more formal stud fastenings, they looked very cool.

2. Choose a light fabric.

Linen suits are a popular choice, they look smart yet relaxed, and work well with lighter colours such as beige. If you don’t want to go for linen for worry of creasing as much choose a cotton suit, or a lightweight wool in a fine weave for a more polished look.

3. Choose a light colour

Your colour choice doesn’t have to be from the traditional dark palette, although those shades work, in the height of summer you could consider a more pastel approach and achieve a much more summery look. Consider that you have way more choice because of the climate, just keep it light weight and with this in mind you can make any look or dress code work.

4. When planning the wedding opt for an afternoon ceremony

Neither you or your bride will want to look sweaty on your wedding photos, by choosing a ceremony time later in the day you will avoid the midday heat and the photographs will look much better when the sun isn’t so high in the sky.

5. Go for something different

You don’t have to wear a full suit to get married. My favourite groom’s attire was Adam who wore camel coloured chinos with a quirky striped bow tie. Ok he worked in fashion, but he looked cool and comfortable for the whole day!

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