Do it the Italian way…

This time we’re not talking food!…We are talking about one unique aspect that makes your wedding in Italy different to anywhere else in the world…its the cars boats and sea planes!

Yes you can fly to your wedding, and land on the water with a James Bond style entrance (perhaps more for the grooms!). Or elegantly pull into the harbour for your reception…definitely a wow moment your guests will remember!

The Cars

When you think of Italian cars the cute little fiats probably pop into your head, like this old vintage white Fiat 500 Henrietta and Andrea drove away from their church wedding in. We painted cans in pastel colours and tied them to the back of the car, so they jingled as they drove away.

The ivory colour is an obvious wedding choice, but for Roisin and Keith’s wedding we used local restaurant owner Freddie’s old navy Fiat 500 which when decorated looked absolutely the part, and VERY italian.

As cute as these cars are we have to warn all the brides, don’t plan a long journey in one, firstly your dress might not squeeze too well into the tiny interior and secondly they do not come with air conditioning!

The Boats

Henrietta and Andrea had the perfect combination, a short ride down from the church in the Fiat 500 to the harbour where they jumped aboard a private boat to cruise the remainder of their journey down the lake to their reception.

A private boat tour for the bride and groom is a perfect excuse for a wee break away from your guests and a much needed moment alone!

Wether you choose to use a boat cruise as a quiet private time just for the bride and groom or use it as part of the wedding for all the guests to enjoy, it is definitely what makes a Lake Como wedding unique. The views of the dramatic surroundings are even more (if thats possible) impressive from the lake than from the land.

A great way to incorporate a boat ride into your day is to take your guests out for champagne onboard after the ceremony. Or if your using two venues use a ferry as the transport between them, its much more fun for your guests than sitting on a stuffy coach, the happier they are the happier you’ll be!!

Photographs by:

Jeremy Ennis
Gianluca Adovasio
Lauren Michelle

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