Make the most of Lake Como’s Activities & Events to make your sojourn here a trip of a lifetime

When you visit a place, whether it be the first time, or a return trip, it is fantastic to experience it in many different ways.

Travel and going abroad is about expanding our horizons and learning all sorts of different things.

What better than to discover Lake Como through it’s food and drink. Learn how to cook some of the regions most famous dishes and enjoy researching (lots of reseach!) on what wines can best accompany those culinary delights.

The Lake is a paradise for anyone who enjoys water sports from scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, boat rentals, and windsurfing.

Get to know the inner secrets of Lake Como with guided tours, explaining the area’s rich history and culture.

There are various ways to see the panorama from a simple walk on Lake Como’s ‘Greenway’ path, hiking the mountain trails, or an aerial view from seaplane or helicopter.

If that sounds too active and hectic, chill out in the world class spa resorts or pamper yourself with luxury treatments.

Lake Como is really a destination that has something for everyone. Since you and your guests have come distances and time zones to be here, we’ll help you to make the most of what there is to ensure that your trip is one of a kind and unforgettable.

From the first moment to the last I have absolutely adored working with you.

Cheryl & Vaughn Smith